Friday, February 27, 2009

Updates on issues.

The algea problem in female Guppies tank is getting better. I won't say it's under control, yet, but it is definitely improving. Putting more plants in and adding the Oto cats has made a lot of difference. Oh, and making sure we don't feed them too much, LOL. I've been trying to find some nice, fast growing plants I could put in that tank, but have not been successful so far.

Bubbles is doing well, but still has the white spots on his fins. I just changed his water yesterday, so I will give him a couple of days to destress and will do the treatment then. High temp and salt are not doing the job unfortunately.

Snail situation is getting better as well. I've put in slices of zucchini, which btw are Freckles' and Otos' favorite, and when the snails congregate on them for a feeding orgy, I just pull the slice out, dispose of the snails, and put the zucchini back in for the fishies. I'd say probably about 75% of the larger snails have been taken out. There are still lots of eggs and babies, but as they grow, I will continue the same "treatment".

And now a little news about Betta girls. A couple of weeks ago we got a pair of Betta females and named them Cherries and Cream. They were very small and seemed undernourished. We've put them in with the female Guppies but I wasn't sure if they would do ok there. They were very shy and withdrawn. At feeding time they did not seem to know what to do when all the big girls milled around and I was concerned they would not get enough food. Well, I had nothing to worry about. Our "shy" girls have certainly come out of their shells and are now shoving the guppies out of the way to get to the better morsels of food!

Both of them have grown and gained weight, especially Cream. In fact I have a feeling she is full of eggs as her abdomen is rather full and bulging. I am so very tempted to see how she would react to Bubbles, but really, I'm trying to be a responsible pet owner. We don't need more fish.....

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