Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tentative Success.....??

Next time I will watch what I type - my last entry's title was ominous. That night I checked the tank at night and found 2 smallest fish dead plus two close to death and obviously suffering, so they had to be euthanized with Clove Oil. It did not look good. But to be honest, some of them did not look too hot before the treatment with the BGA remover, so possibly the change in water chemistry stressed them out more and pushed them over the line.

The tank/water itself looked good, though. No more signs of Blue Green Algae growth! Just to be sure, I checked the water parameters and everything was fine except ammonia, which shot to 1 ppm. The bottle of BGA remover did mention this could happen, so I was not surprised. I quickly added some AmQuel+ to neutralize ammo and then, after giving it some time to work, I cleaned up the leftover bits of BGA and changed about 25% of water. The last thing I did? I put in an air stone on the opposite side of the tank from the filter outlet. Looking at my male guppy tank, I realized that was the other difference between the tanks. Hopefully more water movement will prevent the blue slime from coming back.

Teddy's tank though is not doing much better, even with the backdrop added. The BGA is starting to strangle the java moss so I may have to do the same treatment and figure out how to add an airstone to his 5 Gal hexagonal tank which is pretty much sealed shut. Hmmmm....

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