Tuesday, April 21, 2009

V is for Victory!

I hereby officially declare victory against Blue Green Algae! One week later and there is still no sign of the monster coming back. The water and plants are clean, the tank sides barely show any regular green algae growth at all. Fishies all seem a lot happier as well. Amazing what a little water current will do.

Teddy's tank at work received a similar treatment. Yesterday I did the water change plus cleaned all his plants and removed most of the java moss which seemed to the the main thing that harbored the BGA. There is enough clean moss left on the driftwood to start it growing again. Then I introduced a small air stone and adjusted the air flow to create some water movement but not to freak him out too much. Bettas like quiet waters...

A big sigh of relief. Now, for the next project, we'll have to do some Guppy breeding. All these problems have depleted the population.

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  1. Margaret, thank you for visiting My Muskoka!
    You art work is wonderful. My hubby is fond of horses, he used to live on a working farm in Chesterville with Clyde or Belgiums (I forget!. He is quite happy that Canada Post is coming out with horse stamps!

    I can empathize with fish issues. We have two gold fish with water issues...and tumours. I wrote about them once and found that the water cleared up - mysteriously. Who knows?